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The Devils Ride is a discovery show about a motorcycle club based in southern California.  This blog site is set up for people to share ideas and  information about the show and about  motorcycle clubs in America.  Please post anything that you would like  on The Devils Ride Blog,  but keep it respectful. 

Motorcycle clubs have a long history in the United States.  Many of them were initially started after World War I and World War II as a way for returning veterens to experience some adventure and freedom in their daily lives.   Motorcycle races and long group rides known as “runs” were very popular.  In the American culture at the time, there was a good deal of fear in the general public about the “wild ones” as the publicity at the time generally portrayed the bikers in a negative way.  Popular misconceptions about the bikers being desctructive criminals did not enhance the popular image of motorcycle clubs.  This is probably why shows such as “The Devils Ride” are popular to this day.  On several recent episodes of The Devils Ride the club President, Gipsy dropped out of the club and created quite a controversy with the other members when he refused to stop wearing his club colors.  The trip to Las Vegas to recover a motorcycle that the Hells Angel club member Rusty Coones needed to get back had some dramatic response on our blog from people who thought that the repossesion was faked.   Stay tuned and check back often with us here on The Devils Ride blog to find out what people are saying about the show.




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279 thoughts on “The Devils Ride

  1. I think these guys are some kind of Actors Not Quite as good as the sons but maybe They will learn if they watch some more TV Maybe Kurt Sutter can give them a tip or…

  2. In another life I wore colors for an MC. If one believes this is how it is as shown in the show, you are delusional. Things have been filmed in the show that no MC would let outsiders see. These guys are acting and puttin’ on attitude for the camera. At the same time, a little weak in the attitude department. It is just a TV show made for entertainment. Sad part is citizens will think this is really the way it is. It’s just a show with much of the scenarios planned and set up ahead of time.

  3. OK, back on Episode “Fight Club” they had a poker run to raise money…I’m trying to find the name of the song that was used at the beginning of the bike ride

  4. Didn’t Prospect Rob just earn his patch, & become? I find it really hard to believe he is already a club officer, in an officer’s only meeting!!! Also that trailer fire was totally fake, I found it funny how the fire kinda just blew itself out, after that rigged explosion!!!

  5. I to am retired LEO. I specifically worked gangs and specialized in MC’s. If stupidity was a crime, discovery would have warrants for their arrest soon. I know many 1%ers and they would never allow any of this garbage, let alone allowing a bitch club do stuff to endagers their club. I didn’t even see this tv club on the SOCAL COC website. So if they are HA bitches they are providing evidence galore for RICO charges.

  6. This show is an insult to abortions. I know many 1%er’s and they would never allow club business in any form to be aired. I live,work and ride in SD and I have never seen these ass hats on the road. If I ever do they will get the one finger salute. For the love of Christ, cancel this show and play I Love Lucy. It would be an improvement.

  7. This show is hysterical, best comedy on tv. Just watched them set fire to an EMPTY trailer and somehow there was a massive explosion from an EMPTY trailer, even the propane tanks on the front wouldn’t explode in a fire because they have pressure relief valves on them. The fact that they are now being taped committing arson just proves more that this show is completely fake.

  8. I wonder what this shows market is they advertise real life SOA but yet are OWNED yes the laffing devils name is copyrighted. gipsy sold them then allegelly has lewd acts with his stepdaughter (a cops daughter) yes married to a cop funny huh…. real? Why didnt that air also sandman robbed someone and tried to stab them attempted murder (allegelly) yet that did not make the air? I did not see it except on tmz. I am tired of seeing all these kids online trying to be in their club. This is simply a pg version of a fake club so is sin mob would they really be making death threats on tv they can go to jail for that alone. Also if something ever happened they would have intent right?

  9. Very Simply put, This joke of a television show and any real “Biker Club” is nothing more than a bunch of adult children that never grew up. They get a motorcycle and get together to be thugs and hoodlums. Brothers? lol They will stab each other in the back in a heartbeat but tell you to your face how loyal they are. A respectable MC club would be together for the love of riding and safety in numbers doing so. Not to get together and prove to everyone how tough they are? That’s retarded. The toughest men are those that have the balls to stand up and refuse to belittle themselves behind a group of other grown children. I suspect some of these children will try and prove how tough they are by telling me how they are real mature and want to beat me up for saying this. But doesn’t this sound more like it. You beleive what I tell you and look up to me or I’ll beat you up. that will make you see how important I am. When in reality its just a point proving my case. Grow the hell up already Fraternitys are for college kids and young ones at that!

  10. I got on here to say how fake it was ,,,to my suprise i dont need to ,,, the dancing devils ,,or something like that , come to Tx see what happens to them,

  11. Really, Really!!!
    What honest person out there who knows an minimal amount of the law knows that they would have all been hooked and booked for some of the things that have been shown, They go and shake down a drug dealer and take his money on camera and not one police officer in all of SD does not want a piece of that? What real biker wants to have them self labeled as “RAT” in big letters as they do that one guy “did not remeber his name, did not care to”. Oh and the trailer in the woods that nobody knows about exept an entire camera, lighting, sound crew and Director have set up around it in the event they show up?
    I think the biggest BS was the big poser “Prospect” and the way he got his colors and how it was filmed and the two guys in a fake cop car and it was on on camera “REALLY”
    If anything the people who signed up for this are in real danger and need to leave town or change thier identity, The real MC’s are going to notice one sooner or later and it may be the worst day of thier life. Just saying that you should take the money and run!! fast.
    I would rather watch the “Outlaw biker show that shows real things that “Really” happened.

    • Thanks for saying what I was thinking. It’s pretty amazing how people are quick to bad mouth this show but they are probably the same ones who watched LOST and believed those people were in a real plane wreck and stuck on an island somewhere.

  12. I could not agree more. These guys are a bunch of posers. Been on a bike for 50 years that gives me the right to call them lower than whale sh..

  13. This show is a bunch of bad actors. They are posers, they can’t even pretend to be tough. SD has some real cool MC’s they must hate this crap. Rocket and Sockum couldn’t fight gigavitas forget about a real street fight.

  14. I love how they talk about people getting killed out in the middle of nowhere. Who is going to kill anyone with a whole camera crew filming everything. What club allows non members into meetings let alone cameras no one that is in a real club. Fake fake fake.

  15. I agree that the Devils ride is a bunch of pussies but disagree with real bilers don’t wear full face shields. As a matter of fact the Texas Bandidos mostly wear full face helmets. Keeps their face covered, and the police off their backs.

  16. Anyone who thinks this is fake, I’d like to introduce you to Diesel, Rockem, Sockem, headcase and white boi. That is what I thought … I think I just heard you backing down!!! Run with your favorite MC Monday’s on Discovery. Don’t forget to get your favorite LD and SinMob gear on inlcuding coffee mugs, lamps, mousepads and snuggies. Wherever you go, the brothers will be with you!


    • They looked real tough getting run off by a store owner with a baseball bat after having what amounts to a girl fight in the parking lot.

  17. Now that the Laffing Devil’s have gotten some things out of the way like the election, dealing with sandman, roughing up the crack dealer, laundry, stocking up on canned goods, etc…, they can now turn their attention back to Sin Mob and the war. With Snubz undercover as a hang around, Danny Boy should get the intel he needs. Looks like Sin Mob do not have TVs in their clubhouse so I don’t think they will see the part with Snubz on TV talking about how he is undercover. Diesel is the sargeant at arms and he knows protocol including how to lean on the newly patched member, head case, so he can lean on Snubz. That is how it works in a 1% club! You take action now and ask questions later! That’s protocol! That is how you get respect — that is how you ride with the devils!!!!!!!!

  18. This is the gayest reality show I have ever seen, Oh yea, sandman fagot I am going to start banging your old lady since you don’t care about her, she deserves better anyway you queer, you might want to get your thumb out of your boyfriends asshole and start sucking on it now and to the rest of you fags you all are a bunch of pussy wanna be’s.

  19. The acting in this show just goes from bad to badder with each show. Not sure where they got these actors from but hope these guys aren’t planning on this being some kind of big break into show biz for them cause they all pretty much suck.
    Also hope the same for whoever the writers of the show are, cause they also suck and really need to do some better home work on how things should be done.

  20. Watched it last night. I got quite a chuckle. I’m a retired cop. If that is a real M.C. it has to be the lamest M.C. on the planet. Three-piece patch? Yeah, right; those guys are about as scary as Regis Philbin. I especially liked how they filmed the sergeant at arms and the other two commit a robbery in broad daylight in front of cameras. Make no mistake, IF that is a real club and they actually did that, they committed robbery. It doesn’t matter that the “victim” was a dealer, they still committed robbery and should be hauled in – not because of what they did – I’d like to see every street dealer lose his working funds – but because they were stupid enough to allow it to be filmed. Come to think of it, the Discovery Channel could probably be sued by the dealer in a civil lawsuit for instigating the whole thing with this dumb show. Man, wouldn’t that be a hoot?

    Why do you guys even respond to Bud Keyes? He sounds like he’s in grade school or perhaps middle school the way he yammers on. His parents probably haven’t even given him permission to be on the computer.

  21. These f…ing idiots won’t even through a fake punch. All I’ve seen is pushing and shoving, You would think since Eric Bischoff a wrestling promoter is the producer of the show that they would know how to at least fake a punch.

  22. Listen up! If you are going to watch The Devils Ride make sure you know your protocol! Protocol says you can’t rock a 3 piece patch without approval from the dominant 1% club. LDs and Sin Mob rock a 3 piece patch. When you are in a club, you have to have a nickname. Each guy in the laffing devils and SIn Mob has a nickname — can’t fake that! Diesel, Grizz, White Boi, Hawkster — these are all legit MC nicknames. Church is the weekly meeting of the club. SIn Mob meets at their garage and the LDs meet at their hideout — MC style. It even has a boxing ring! Above all else you respect your cut! You take care of your old lady and you know your protocol!!!

  23. I watched a couple of shows and if kindergarden slap fights are any indication of san diegos bike clubs,,im glad i live here..and not to bring this up,,but i will,, H.A.wouldnt sanction those jackwagons…just saying…

    • My prez spoke with a few H.A members down here in Louisiana where my chapter is located, and he says the laughing devils were not sanctioned by them, so whoever says they were is going against our code, somebodies ass is in for it. Discovery channel needs to back off cause they’re putting there camera men in danger. Not from there fake club but from other members of other clubs, I hate seeing innocent people get hurt over someone else’s stupidity.

      • Oh yeah? Ask Rusty Koons a HA prez in Cali! He even had a job for the laffing devils 1% style…. You can’t rock a 3 piece patch without the approval of the “big” club. That is protocol. Danny boy knows his protocol.

  24. I don’t watch alot of tv mainly cause I have a life, but I’ve seen one episode and from personal experience I’ve been with an MC for 5 years now, of which i will leave anonymous and all of the members im my club find this show to be completely bull s**t!!, and disrespectful to MC’s everywhere. Hell the prez of my club thinks Ron Pearlman and Charlie Hunnam, are better at being members of an imaginary club, at least SOA is more entertaining, than this s**t. But from what I here from other clubs “real clubs” keep that in mind, out west are trying to get the so called laughing fairies. Discredited. On the grounds of letting a tv crew film what are supposed to be members only meetings. So when you see disc filming these fake members in private meets, you know it’s 100% fake kind of like operation repo.

  25. With Rockem and Sockem in full throttle with Sin Mob, the war is on — they will knock someone’s block off! Rob looks like he will be a new patched member after his mudwork 1% style — he gave that cop the finger like a true MCr. The devil’s have a new P and with White Boi as Sargeant at Arms, looks like a rumble is inevitable. Sandman evicted that elderly vagrant from that apartment complex for some extra cash like a true hustler — can’t fake that! Billy the kid is back so the dictionary of protocol is back! Taking Sandman’s cut was the only thing that could have been done. Buy your MC gear on Tell your old lady to lay off on Monday nights, its your night to rumble with the devils!!!

    • good for you, you must watch this show all the time, from what I’ve heard the only thing you know about an MC is the television show. Im in a real club, im a 1% and ive done 15 years in a supermax penitentiary for crimes ill keep anonymous just like my club will stay anonymous. Let me give you an example of what happens to people who film real mc’s, I caught a guy filming me and my club last year at a rest stop when we were on our way to sturgis,he thought it would be cool to see what a real club is then he refered to us as “hey can me and my friend take a picture of your gang with us” now im an enforcer im 7′ 1″ 395lbs. I grabbed the guys camera and smashed it over his head knocking him out cold, now that was just because a dumb shit on a moped rocker bike thought it would be cool to take pics of us because he said “well they do it everyday on the discovery channel show” those fucking laughing fags are Making a bad name for clubs everywhere. I would love to meet these so called laughing devils so I can show them what a real mc member is all about. But then again I might just hurt all of them really bad, just like every mc wants to do. I know of alot of clubs in California ive talked to them. They themselves want to end this show. But you keep it up there little one, your like a little fanboy. Maybe there will be a fake mc convention you can attend.

      • I am not in an MC, hell I don’t even own a bike YET! I doubt you are a 1%er I doubt you spent 15 years in a Supermax. My only MC experience?? I played Grand Theft Auto 4: The Lost & The Damned on XBOX360, and that alone gives me more MC experience than you! Real MC members don’t brag about shit they keep their mouths shut!! It is very similar in nature to that Italian Oraganization we say don’t exist! The code of silence is PARAMOUNT! Catch my Drift! Or am I being obtuse!

        • Obtuse? Wow your words are way to big for that guy. If i had to guess he was a prospect that got him self thrown into county and put on a rat jacket to stay alive. He kicked it at the Chi-Mo table and could never walk the yard without getting shanked. Question: Do you think I have seen the inside of a Prison? or did i see too much TV?

      • If you want to take on the devils you will need to take on Rusty Koons who is a Hells Angel Prez. Rusty gave the devils a job to do last season when he told them to repo a bike in Vegas — can’t fake that. Add MC veterans Grizz and Diesel and you got a tough club. These guys know protocol, respect, church, prospects, hang arounds, have old ladys and will do anything to protect their cuts. You don’t rock a 3 piece patch unless you are a real MCer. These guys almost had a rumble but the cops showed up so they took their probs to the dirt track — MC style. Then Rockem knocked out tank in a fight — can’t fake that. You can buy Sin Mob and Laffing Devil’s gear on — can’t fake that. The war is on in the streets of San Diego. Put on your cut, have your prospect fetch you a cold one, tell your old lady Monday nights you have church with the Laffing Devils and Sin Mob, know your protocol and enjoy The Devil’s Ride…. MC style!!!

        • Im getting the feeling your a little boy playing in a make believe fantasy, you keep saying protocol after protocol, please if you know so much what mc protocol is enlighten me, im curious I have a book here that tells me mc protocol, let me know what it says, oh and I did a search it says discovery channel has these guys scripted. But I get the feeling your there super fan, omg kid you make me laugh. Lmmfao!!

        • Brush up on your protocol because the rumble is on tonight on Discovery!!! 10 EST. Grab a cold one, put on your cut, put your sin mob or laffing devils sign up in your ManCave, tell your old lady you have to go to “church” and know your protocol! Respect the other MCrs and rock your 3 piece patch with pride 1% style!!!

      • Count Jail is not Supermax!! I would ask you to name one but anyone with a google can do that. SO even better. Tell me the name of super max and the “Male Nurse” that worked there? during your stay. You cant say you dont remember because it is something you dont forget.

  26. u have got to be kidding. do they really think that people believe this s***. sandman come to Illinois. I wish I would have had u in prison with me. u would have been my *****. and u know u would. send ur old lady over here. I need a ***** and I know u r 2 much of a coward to come urself’

  27. This guy was on a fake show once or twice before. You know wcw or wwe his name is Eric Bischoff: Executive Producer of this crap and if you look at other web sites theese so called m.c members L,D and S,M are called cast members.

  28. Been watching this show from the beginning. Mainly because I love to ride. A few things that I want to mention and see if any Outlaw bikers agree or not. Gypsy stated that he started the Club as a riding club. Nothing more. Sin Mob was started just to destroy the Devils. Ok his deal whatever. With the recent episode when Danny Boy was summoned for a sit down with The Brotherhood, I kinda get the feeling that whatever they, meaning SIn Mob and The Devils, are doing to each other is making the Outlaw bikers nervous. The cause of their actions is Cops are more interested in anyone with a Patch. These guys, meaning the Devils, act more like the guys I ride with back home. Just a bunch of guys that get together on the weekends and ride together. We do charity rides. We go to functions that benefit the Community. We all work and support our family and we have had a few issues that needed taking care of. Nothing major. Kinda in that grey area where someone needed their ass kicked. Nobody died or went to the Hospital but could have spent some time in Jail. I have the feeling that there are more of these types of Clubs around. Just a bunch of people with similar interests. However, from what I know about the Hardcore world, these guys couldn’t exist without the blessing of the area’s, how do you say, owners if you will. Hence the Nomad rocker. Sandman on the other hand seems to think he wants the club to be more than it is. What that is, I don’t know. DB on the other hand wants it back like it was. Just a bunch of guys looking out for one another that love to ride. I read Sandman’s comments last season about SOA. Another show that I love to watch. Yea, when people hear Biker Club they automatically picture the Hells Angels. Seems Kurt has taken everything that Clubs have ever done and made a show about it and he’s gone to great pains to make it as accurate as possible. Why else would The Angels endorse it and they have. Sorry off topic but you get my point. There are more and more people riding Bikes today than ever and with gas going up like it is there are gonna be more. Meaning there will be more and more people trying to get Clubs started. Just as there were a bunch of Car Clubs started back in the ’50s and ’60s. Just my two cents worth. I like the show. Honestly, I like Sin Mob better because they at least don’t take any crap from anybody. From within or out. All the internal conflict is starting to get on my nerves. Sandman trying to become Prez is a joke. Where is he taking off too all the time? Sorry but his ass would have been kicked by now or he would have been outed.

  29. next week they are goin to take things to a whole nother level…lol…the funny thing is we can’t stop watching, it’s like driving by a car wreck.

  30. i thnk Gypsy is the newest old b*** on “The Talk’, Sandman,is going to play a yellow square fellow in Spongebob goes to Fire Island, And the rest are going back to playing extras on Ru Paul’s “cut off my goods and give me mudflaps’. Then they will all skip and flap off into the sunset. Well they better before a real Club rolls em down, and that my friends is long overdue.

  31. “these guys play for keeps, they don’t play around” LOL…I just received some INTELL, Billy is back, and he’s a suicidal maniac.He goes down on everyone…er, I mean he’s down as ever.

  32. who would win in an all out brawl inside a steel cage, the laffing devils, sinister mob or the amish mafia?…my money is on the amish

  33. To all the MCrs out there. Tell your old ladys that Mondays are off limits from now on because you got business with the Laffing Devils and the Sinister Mob Syndicate. Have your prosect fetch you a cold one, put on your cut, rev up your bike and enjoy the ride! Remember your protocol and don’t forget to respect the brotherhood. Only on Discovery.

  34. I think Bud Keyes is displaying lots of tongue in cheek. For you morons that would be pulling your leg. BK you have a good time with ‘em.

    • Well done sir… Funny thing is that really has all this laffing devils and SIn Mob stuff for sale modeled by Rockem and others from the show — t-shirts, mugs, mousepags, tote bags, water bottles, etc… It is hilarious.

  35. In a nut shell, this show is fake ie..a reality show, nothing more. It’s not that the show is bad it is just pure fiction. It is for your entertainment. Anyone with half a brain knows that no REAL MC would ever let their club be taped. It is what our TV programming has come too.

  36. Didn’t people watch last night? Do people think that Rockem and Mad Max were not riding those race cars? Can’t fake that. Rockem took the $5000 which will go a long way in sin mob’s effort to take out the devils. Like Bubba said, there would have been a rumble if it wasn’t for all the civilians. But protocol says otherwise. Snubz is a hang around of sin mob now and he has to wear a plain black cut. He knows protocol so he knows how it is done. Diesel is suspicious just like any old timer and sargeant at arms. Danny boy has the respect of the other members now and he wears his cut with pride. Remember to get your LDMC and SMS gear at including lamps, coffee mugs, mouse pads and coasters when you are having a cold one watching the show that your prospect got ya. Tell your old lady Monday nights is off limits because you business with the laffing devils and sin mob. Put on your cut, rev your bike up and enjoy the ride…..

  37. The only “prospects” are the Discovery Channel interns that have to polish the bikes before the third take. “YOU MISSED A SPOT BITCH! NOW YOU HAVE TO BUY COFFEE TOMORROW”. They should show that part!

  38. They have to be legit. The Hells Angels would not allow any non-legit club to rock a 3 piece patch in their area. That is protocol. If you want to learn more about protocol watch a few reruns from season 1.

  39. Mickey mouse(laughing devils) Donald duck(sin mob)mickey mouse donald duck!! Come on everybody sing along u know how it goes! Theses tool bags and discovery are as much of a motorcycle club asMickey Mouse club they represent themselves as such. Ive grown up inside East Coast m/c clubs and fhese tool bag wining bitches need to be cut for their disrespect of m/ c clubs.they are the Jersey shore of the m/c world. MICKEY MOUSE

  40. If it’s real what a bunch of pathetic losers. Get a life “bros”. Are you all that hard up for friends. Join a bowling league

  41. No they don’t have prospects. They have 1 prospect. And he prospected for both clubs lol. Btw does anyone else hate the use of the term protocol as much as I do. In the real world I believe we say showing respect. They sound like a bunch of pigs.

  42. Sin Mob and Laffing Devils have the respect of the local 1% club. These MCs know what they are doing. You see it during church and rumbles. They both know protocol. They are rockin 3 piece patches — you can’t fake that! They have prospects, hang arounds, patched members and they respect their cuts. They got patched members like Tank that have old ladys and old timers like Hawkster and Danny Boy. Diesel and Rockem know protocol and don’t take anything from anybody. The war is on and Sin Mob recruited MC alum Grizzly for backup. Can’t fake that!

  43. Ive been around a couple of mc gangs.And they are the best folk to party with.
    Anybody in there right mind should know this is scripted.

  44. So fake no biker clubs especially MC’s would ever let a camera follow them around.These guy’s should be taken off the air and go back to Walmart where they came from.Idiots

  45. Dude ur an idiot if you think these LD’s are a real MC. Just because someone makes an appearance on the show don’t mean in anyway that he validates them as a true MC. It’s obvious the only exposure you have to the MC life is this show so shut ur mouth.

  46. Ohh man. You know all these guys know eachother. They got some vests made up and an idea for a reality show. Sad part is there is no reality. Just some poser middle aged bikers who cant fight. The fight scene in the alley was sad. Push eachother like little kids at a kickball game and shake the camera up. Then one pulls out a butter knife and the cops come lol. I feel bad for their families. Seeing their fathers and husbands look like morons and try to be tough. Fighting over MC colores when we have our real tough guys dying over sea’s is just embarressing. Grow up and be a man already. You guys are far from kids.

  47. The whos? Never heard of them and I’ve spent years in the San Bernardino, Ca area. My friends and past neighbors have been Hells Angels and Diablo’s. All respectable!
    Where did DC find these guys at an acting class?

    • They are called the Laughing Devils and Sinister Mob Syndicate — San Diego’s newest and toughest MCs. Ask your neighbors to ask Rusty Coones (a Hells Angels president) who they are. He was in an episode last season. These MCs know protocol, they respect their cuts and protect their old ladys. Go tell tank or sandman they are not in a MC — good luck with that!!!

      • Hey Butt Kiss, what r u, the clubs fuckin blow boy ? fuck off u fuckin mule ridin homo….or maybe you’re one of the writers huh?!!

        • It’s not fake! Didn’t you see Sin Mob’s charity ride! They rode 20 deep and got that guy a house. And then the devil’s stole the Sin Mobs prospect’s cut! Billy is back after going underground to save his old lady. The war is on and the pranks will continue!

  48. this show is just “”too funny”", in real life when a biker club member get disrespected someone gets buried.On this fake @55 crap, when someone is about to get their @55 whipped, they get a commercial. And it’s funny how every other interview, one of the bikers is being interviewed and is threatening to take it to, “a whole nother level,”" and the bikers that get taken to that level, replays by immeaditly doing an interview where his reply is, the if the guy who took him to this level, is now going to see what it means to go to a whole nother level. As many threats as these clowns bounce back and forth, it seems like someone, well” actually everyone should be dead as many promises that they have made to exact revenge on the other. In the real world of biker gangs, talking about revenge is little, getting revenge is alot.

  49. If they are legit… then figure this for me…. Sandman trying to take over the club the club goes in disarray… The VP of the club last I heard was SNUBZ… who, someone tell me who, can throw the VP out, the highest ranking person in the club…. Also he wasn’t just a patch holder, he was the VP who was trying to find a way not to go to war….

    • Only legit Mcs would know about protocol, hang arounds, prospects, church, rumbles, old ladys, colors, rocking 3 piece patches, and cuts. No way any of that can be faked. That is why it is called a reality show — it is reality. The war is on– on discovery on Monday nights!

      • Get a life jackass it’s fake. It’s the best comedy on TV. I just wish we could have some real action and see that queer sandman get stabbed.

  50. These MCs are so legit you can get SIn Mob and Laffing Devils gear at including tote bags, mouse pads, lamps, journals and water bottles!

  51. 1%s take notice because Sin Mob and the Laughing Devils are the real deal. Looks like the next episode has sin mob burning a tatoo off Snubz arm. Sin Mob talked a lot of protocol at Church. The last rumble for The devils, snubz had to give up his cut. You can’t have two clubs in the same area with the same colors rocking a 3-piece patch. Tank will always protect his old lady and White Boi knows what’s like to be in a brotherhood. With each club destroying a bike from prospects, the war is on.

  52. Sin Mob with Diesel and Rockem are the real deal. These guys will hit back when the get hit. At their rumble, they don’t pull any punches. Don’t be surprised if they kick the devils out of san diego. They wear their cuts with pride and they know protocol.

  53. Does anyone know if Gipsy has gone to court? Was he ever officially charged? What happened with all that? Kinda seems odd he gets charged when life is going good for him with the exception of a nasty divorce with his wife.

  54. The Laughable Devils and the Simple Mob need to take off their leather play vests..look in the mirror and see how ridiculous they are..Talk about staged “anger..revenge..empty threats”…..over what?.. Disrespect???..they certainly all earn it….

    • The war is on. Each club had a rumble and decided to hit back . When there are two MCs in the same area rocking 3 piece patches on their cuts with the same colors — watch out! The war is on. With prospects and hang arounds, these pathed in MCs know the meaning of brotherhood and will protect their old ladys. Watch them at their weekly church meetings when all hell breaks loose. The war is on. The streets of san diego will never be the same!

  55. Did anyone else notice that the bike that got dragged through the parking lot looked like a Gold wing or yamaha dresser? It’s very dark, but slow it down as you watch it. And after the mob stole the devil bike two guys were taking it apart, presumably to cut it up, but they were very careful to lift off the gas tank so as not to scratch it.

    • that was easy to spot without slowing it down. the bike ( stil lmao!!!) they said they tore apart was the 1 that was sitting on the lift the whole show and the parts they threw out don’t match max’s bike or the 1 on the lift. i’ll keep watching cuse laghter warms the soul and it’s fu#*ing to cold to ride

      • If sandy is such a badass why did he pull the toothpick and not use it. When that one homeboy came to his pad why didn’t he bat the dude. Matter of fact in the first season he stepped away from the club because his skank was making him cry. He chose the skank over his club. Ohhhh yeah sandy is such a badass. He couldn’t even take control of the club. What a fake show. But I’ll admit , it makes me laugh. Hence the club laffing devas lol

  56. Of course this show is fake. They can’t have real people talking about committing crimes in the future and not do anything about it. Actually most of not all of these type shows are mostly scripted. Nothing real about it

    • Fake? It is real. In the MC community it is called taking care of business. These MCs are at war, they know protocol and they rock a 3 piece patch on their cuts — can’t fake that! With prospects, hang arounds and old ladys, the war is on. Laffing Devils vs. SIn Mob. Watch their church meetings and rumbles. Watch the MCs take care business!

  57. what a damn joke ol sandmans colors come off and he gets knocked on his big badass boxer ass{shame on you} then with his tuff 6 other boyfriends pulls a knife lmmfao … hold me mommy the sandmans so scarey lol

  58. This show is produced by Eric Bishoff a pro wrestling promoter and its less believable than wrestling. As for the sons of anarchy I just got out of the state pen. and in the first and only episode I started to watch one of the clubs member was made a backdoor deal with a rival…I couldn’t watch another minute.

  59. So, Billy’s back! Ok, how ’bout Next episode: Billy gets a well deserved fuckin beat down for pullin the Houdini. Scene 2: Club members burn Billy’s cut and give another beat down. Scene 3: By Laws changed, No more Pussy Prez, another Billy beat down. Now that’s entertainment!!!

  60. I’ve come to the conclusion that the Discovery Channel must be so hard up for ratings, that they have to air trash like this on tv, I’m surprised that the bonifide biker clubs out there haven’t gone out, and Beat the dogsnot outa these posers, even if it’s for shit’s, and giggles. My deepest respect goes out to the real brothers out there that are living, and breathing the lifestyle.

  61. The really sad part about all this is how the asshole producer (Bischoff) who ran a prior company into the ground is laughing all the way to the bank. Just like WCW Wrestling he is making his quick hit which I am sure is in the millions. Gets the public to watch his soap opera and at some point will shut it down.

    If you can run Ted Turner company into the ground and sleep well at night this one won’t phase him one bit. America is by far the greatest country in the world to own your own business but after fucking something up in the millions of dollars range. Asshole’s like this should have to attend a mandatory college course on running a business and come out with a degree not just a certificate. just my opinion.

  62. This show is a joke, in the last episode they are wrapping a chain around an old Kawasaki and dragging it down the road, when its supposed to be the prospects bike which they show him riding an Electra Glide Standard 20 minutes earlier, I’m done to lame !

  63. Doesn’t the VP Spuds work for Summers Eve douschebags or some other P-flap mutha fuckas company? I thought I saw’im on one of their ads

  64. This show is a joke. They’re not serious are they?! They certainly can’t expect anyone to take them serious either! With all the tough talk and nice new leathers, spewin jargon with buzz words like church, rumble, patches, colors and cuts and shit like they’re a real club. Gimme a fuckin break. It’s worse than Championship Wrestling, which btw, was run by the producer of this show, Eric Bischoff, into the ground in just 5 years. A company who had been around since the 60′s! I can’t take this as anything but a fuckin pathetic soap opera. Ya, nice rumble in the alley, btw. with the toughest guy pullin a knife. the next scene should’ve been a real 1% club roll in and beat the snot outta them all, trash their bikes n burn their cuts in a pile! Now that’d be a Devil’s Ride show!!!

  65. What a bunch of crap. A SoCal MC club and not a single “biker” with a sunburn or even a tan? and a script that sounds like it was written by a 16yr old kid? $15,000 and 15 miles doesn’t make a biker.

  66. You got members riding around in Cadilacs, one that just got out of prison, you have hawster with a company and he is affraid they are going to hurt his business?It is mindless entertainment and not very believable. If they want to be in a real MC why don’t they try the Hells Angels, Outlaws, Banditos, etc… Oh then they couldn’t be on TV. I only watched because it was on after Fast-n-Loud, At least you get to see those win some and lose some, way more fun and realistic.

  67. What’s a real biker. These guys are not trying to portray bikers anyway. They are trying to portray a club. They never mention jobs. They want to act like 1%ers but they are clearly not. If they want to just be bikers then fine. That’s great. There are millions of us who love motorcycles, but our lives are really too boring to make a television show. Discovery just tried to turn a bunch of boring losers into a show and it doesn’t work because they are not real bikers and they are not really a club or a brotherhood. It’s a scripted version of the Real World on estrogen.

    • How can you forget what you obvious don’t know, there are by far more bikers working for a living in comparison to the general public as a whole………… other words take a look @ all that are living off the state and or country, whether it be unemployment, faking an injury, stealing someones identity and so on………there is a very small percentage of them that are bikers…….o~/O……

  68. Think outside the box.This is a show for “Want A BE BIKERS” Anyone living the biker life knows this is BS. Hey the sponsors are laughing all the way to the bamk. The show should be called “The Laudhing Sponsors”

  69. Some clubs are gangs and don’t want anyone to know about their criminal enterprises. This show is trying to portray one of those gangs. They are not trying to portray “Wild Hogs” with John Travolta and Martin Lawrence. They are trying to act like they are in the league with the Hells Angels or the Banditos. They are nothing close to the way those clubs operate. I know a club called the Patriot Gaurd. The go to soldiers funerals. They work for a living and are not criminals. They do have a club structure, but they are not secretive because their cause is making sure soldiers can be buried without being called baby killers. The Patriot Gaurd is probably not secretive all because they are not a criminal enterprise. That’s the difference. Discovery just did a bad job trying to invent a show that depicts the real operations of an “outlaw” biker club.

    • First there is a show that portrays nothing real and then there’s the guy who thinks he knows what he’s talking about……o~/O…….Patriot Riders (not a club) escort fallen soldiers home to their final resting place based on respect and honor for their ultimate sacrifice…..I’ve done 17 escorts and to date have not had to take anyone down for calling these hero’s “baby killers”….that statement helps validate there is enough people watching this stuff to actually warrent second season……

  70. hey saw the show in season 2 what i don’t understand wheres billy the kid missing for 2 months devils don’t know where not a real club and where is gipsy better have sit down and talk

  71. WWE wrestling matches are more violent thatn these “hardcore” Laughing Devils. This is SO fake. They should just put out a disclaimer and promote it as a drama then make it more real. Full face helmets and metric bikes. Hell they gave the one guy a “hang around” cut but they had never seen his bike. That just never happens.

  72. It’s totally fake. How convenient it was when the cops showed up at their fight. Some of those bikes are metric and who has ever see 1% bikers wearing full face helmets, especially in San Diego California??? MC bikers do not allow television cameras to film their meeting or their battles.

    • in the so ca area its the cool thing to do. ive seen a few 81 going down the i-5 wearing full face helmets so naturaly everybody else is doing it except that violent mexican black and white MC down south. i made the same comment to my buddy and he told me he always see the 81′s wearing them in dago.

  73. wo00 wo00 wo000 wo000 LMAO. Paul SR joins Laffing Devils but Sinister Mob retaliates by patching up Jr and Mikey. They rumble (push off) when cops show up and ask for autographs. While Gipsy and Bill the kid elope. Wo00 Wo00 Wo000 Wo000

  74. these guys are so Lame these guys are fucking pussies nobody even thru a punch lol i cant believe they put these guys on T.V. Its so obvious its fake or they r girls

  75. I forgot to say I did watch the show, kind of like rubber necking at an accident. I kept thinking the Giggling D ouches would peel off their colors and break into a broadway show. I couldn’t believe it was back on today in a little mini marathon on Discovery, so I looked it and them up. Not real popular anywhere on the computer. I have to do something, it is 12 degrees outside, roads are icy, and there is a foot of snow on the ground. 25 years ago I would have been on my snowmobile, I prefer the fireplace, tv and Granbabies now.

  76. This show is made by Eric Bischoff who also is involved with TNA wrestling, I watched a couple of the wrestling shows when my Grandson was here for a visit. Now TNA has a “biker gang” terrorizing their wrestling shows. And they have a scary name, “Aces & Eights”. It is from what I gathered old washed up wrestlers looking for new life. This guy has no regard for the biker community and especially the club’s , someday he will run into a 1%er who will educate this low life POS. Also I just read Gipsy was brought up on some kind of sexual assault charges on a minor. And Sandman is gonna be doin some serious time.

  77. I agree with those who hav pointed out that Gypsy was stabbed in the back by what were is so called brothers. I don’t think this is how it would really happening a true MC. I don’t belong to a MC ( yet but hope to someday) but I would imagine that just because the Pres steps down from the roll doesn’t mean the rest of the group turns their back in him, especially when he’s the founding father of the group. What happened to loyalty? I hope he starts the new club and runs it with members who are a little more grown up and have respect for others unlike the LD do.

    On a side note, I think Gypsy is sexy. No one has admitted that on here yet but I’m not ashamed to say it. Heck, I tell my husband that every time I watch the show.

  78. Forget 1% patches why wear rockers at all.if you are not a real 1% why wear the cuts.some of you are trying to justify this fake crap by saying the are not 1% just a club then why set up your jackets like real m/c clubs.wear police bomber jackets.when you wear rockers you are inviting an ass whooping.hope they all get it!!

  79. I Fu cking looooove the show.I can’t wait for the the next season and then next season after that.And a loooooooot of ppl loves it and waits for it also,,,if dont belive me,if you rode to Sturgis this year you could have find out.Its true that are some gay guys in the show ,but hey,that makes it more fun to watch.

  80. Reality shows suck. What sucks even more is I was being unproductive and watching it….some of the guys are rather “attractive”.. to say the least. Men in leathers are always a good watch..

  81. I don’t mind Gipsy and his new crew but for the LD they are a joke. I have never seen so much hugging going on in my whole life…..lmfao!!

  82. I like the show very much because it’s entertaining. I always just catch it while flipping through the channels because actually there is nothing else on at that time of night. I could tell this movie is fake but I think that they must have some real bikers that are making some dough off of this show in a behind the scenes kinda way. I wish there was more hot chicks and sex on the show. Perhaps insert a gun battle or two.

  83. At least the actors on SOA actually ride a motorcycle now and then.

    Think what you will about the HA’s, there is something majestic and powerful about being passed by about forty of them doing ninety plus in formation on the I-5.

  84. Yep, I’m going into their house, oh and break a pop bottle on the way in to get their attention… Wait, they then close the door behind me…and I walk out without a scratch!

    WOW!!! this is so real life… and they say the devils are one of the largest MC’s in SO CA? What they have 10, 11 members .

    What a joke… wait I forgot they Scattered the bothers ashes with a baggie,

  85. Hey 2′s, sorry I mis-spelled your name. I have to agree with you when you say that Gipsy should open a dress shop. Gipsy needs to hang around a tougher crowd than what he’s hangin’ with now. I mean why would you dis your “brothers” if they “had your back”? I personally think he is ready to come out of the closet like Carter did on “The Life of Carter”. The similarities are amazing, both acted tough, both dressed the part, but in the end they both liked in the “end”. If Gipsy reads this I hope he see’s that it OK to be “that” way. Most will forgive Gipsy but remember, if you drop your keys near Gipsy just remember to kick them down the road about 50 yards before you bend over to pick them up if you know what I mean.

  86. Ok. Faking Devils. Club needs money. VP sets up bikini car wash. Great, they make 600$ plus to help club. Then Tank takes Billy the squid out with Danny boy on an expensive boat ride to fake taking out the rat they have suspected. Now think about how much that boat cost to rent. More than 600$’s. Like most of you, I’m watching because it’s pure fun factor. Man how I miss Game of Thrones. Even though it’s fiction, it feels more real than the LD.

  87. It’s Deuce w/ eu not ue Fag. And yes I am the one they called “deuce” however after a stint at Folsom, I gave up my skins.

  88. There was a coment about the Devils not being a 1% club. Well of coars they are not. If they were wearing a 1% patch and trying to act like 1%ers on tv there would be hell to pay when the real 1%ers got ahold of these guys and they know it.

  89. Well this is just fun, ain’t it ya’ll? And educational as well……here ya go, Deuce……
    Dither-A state of nervousness or anxiety; tremble,shake. My Barbies were never in a “dither”
    ………..they were always calm and absolutely sure of themselves, therefore had no reason to tremble or shake.

    • There you go Duece, do you freakin’ understand what “dither” means? Webster’s 8th Edition on the money!!! Duece, are you from Nor Cal? I remember this redhair dude rode HA with Skilly and Amarillo Stubs, too many years ago, are you the “Duece”?

  90. OK, here I go again..I’m really curious what the hell is so private about a club meeting and why are non-bikers not allowed to hear or know anything. What could possibly be sooooo important and secreative? I mean seriously The purpose of joining a motorcycle club is to be with people who enjoy riding in pack, what on god’s green earth could possibly be so secreative about wanting to do a charity ride, or take a trip together to the end of the world and back. I’d be more suspicious of the so-called secreat meetings because to me it would seem like there is more illegal activity to good ol fun being done.

    • Hi Cathy,,,,,, You sound like you’re new to the “MC” deal.. . let me explain.. it’s basically like a mens club… only focused on motorcycles… SOME mens clubs are like the Elks, the Vets, the Moose Club,… the Shriners,.. and some are like those in college,, fraternitys.. or chesse club, for example…. and SOME mens clubs are BIKER CLUBS… : ) LOL… BIKER clubs are in a league all of there own… think about it.. .how many people have the nerve to tear around on two wheels at 90 miles an hour an more.. ???? Beginning to understand … ? Now, in the realm of biker clubs,,, there are clubs that that just ride,,, there are clubs that ride under an emblem of membership to a weekly ride and meet at the local cafe… clubs that meet at the church,,, and…. clubs that are highly secretive,,,, who like to party. The problem that you are finding on this site is that lot’s of the hardcore bikers think the show is a joke… justifyable…. this is America, after all.

      • You are right about me being a newbie, however I’ve had family who were hard core bikers and I don’t ever remember things being secreative, they were focused on the ride and making sure us kids where well protected, and making sure that Pappy’s Run was well organized. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the insight, its just some things just don’t seem right.

  91. Here’s an idea for another great “Reality show”……get all the “hardcore clubbers” and the street “gangbangers” together and put them in a deserted ghost town and see who wins the most territory… that’d be fun to watch !!

  92. Thank You Janice, I could have said alot more, but I wouldn’t want happened to Gipsy to happen to me, don’t need a bunch of po’d bikers coming to my house to punk me out in front of my family.

  93. One more thing to point out, not all motorcycle clubs are
    1%ers. A lot of clubs exist purely for the pleasure of riding and the camraderie that exists among a group of people with that same passion. They could give a rat’s ass less what “colors” a person has on his back, and if they’re smart, they know the boundaries that exist between themselves and the hardcore clubs.

  94. I personally enjoy watching Devil’s Ride. I’ve been around motorcycle people for over 30 years and most of these guys aren’t a lot different than many I’ve met. Don’t care for P. Billy….love Gypsy. What has always fascinated me about clubbers, and this show proves this point, is how much they all say they “Love their brothers” but that crap goes right out the window when someone chooses to walk away. Then it seems that person becomes the enemy. I think Billy showed total disrespect toward Gypsy when he stepped down from the presidency, Gypsy showed true brotherhood by trying to help him wherever he could. I think everyone is fully aware there are a lot of clubs out there that have been in existence for many years….they all had to start somewhere, right? I was truely saddened when they said “Juice” had died from a heart attack. Way too soon for him to go.

    • Duece you are right on the money! Reminds me of the “The Life of Carter” show. Same premise, bunch of lost “guys” looking for love in all the wrong places. All they need now is someone named Bubba or Donnell to to lead them into a real life of crime. Maybe they could sell counterfeit men’s Snoopy underwear to rival “gangs”.

  95. Is it just me or do these guys appear to have mother seperation issues? Gipsy, really? Can he be any gayer? Hey, you got chocolate in my peanut butter. No you got peanut butter in my chocolate. Easy boys, let’s not get our Barbies in a dither. Two thumbs up for the gayest TV show I’ve ever seen.

    • Big Smooth, you sound like a 1%er, tell me, what can I do to be “Hardcore” like the “Sandman” or the “Gypsie” characters? Also what is a dither?

  96. I stopped watching after 2 shows. Especially after realizing Bischoff from WWF days is the producer. That confirms that the show is BS and scripted like a WWF match between Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker, what a load of crap.

  97. I’ve been riding for 40 years, never with a 1% club, but I have a hard time believing these guys are real. I can’t believe a club would take Gipsy’s colors just because he stepped down as prez. I also can’t believe Gipsy came up with new club patches that quick after quitting the Devils. He had to have that planned already. It all looks staged for a little reality show drama. I’m wondering if Juice really died or not.

    • Yes, he really died…..

      KREBS III, CHARLES L. August 7, 1975 to March 29, 2012 Chuck was born in Pittsburgh, PA, in 1975. Chuck relocated to San Diego in 1984 with his father, Chuck, Jr. and mother, Lynn. He leaves behind his wife, Cathleen, several aunts and uncles and cousins. Chuck was an avid biker, he loved his Harley and riding with his brothers was his passion. He will be greatly missed by his wife, Mom, Dad, Harley his beloved cat and all who new Chuck. Memorial service will be held Saturday, April 7th, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Featheringill Mortuary, 6322 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA 92115, (619) 583-9511.
      Published in San Diego Union-Tribune on April 6, 2012 Print

  98. find a copy of Hunter S. Thompson’s book “Hell’s Angels : The Strange and Terrible Saga of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs”. it documents the year he spent with the 81′s back in the mid 60′s. there is a vast difference between a motorcycle club, and a outlaw motorcycle club. what the show should have is a disclaimer before each episode stating the laughing devils are a motorcycle club, and that’s it. also i think if you aren’t trying to portray yourself as an outlaw club, then why the cuts? tone down your patch or people will think you’re something you aren’t. so from the get go in my opinion, if anyone thinks this is a real bruiser of a club, they’ve obviously never been within 100 yards of a real 1%er. i think the discovery channel should be ashamed.. nuff said.

  99. This show is so dam fake, I would rather watch paint dry then these fake wanna be bikers. This show is staged like no other, I wouldnt be supprised if these guys get paid a visit from the HA’s and F-ed up. I hope they get paid well with good medical bennifits…lol…

  100. After watching the national geographic channel’s documentary on biker gangs, I cannot watch this show. It reminds me too much of the same posers that collect army memorabilia and yet were afraid to join the military (Tom Clancy comes to mind).

  101. I just wanted to say a couple of things. I’ve only recently started watching this show because I wanted to see what the “biker world” was like, I’ve never been a biker chick but when I was younger some of my family were involved with it. The first thing I’d like to do is send my condolences to the family and friends of “Juice” who recently passed on, he seemed like he was a cool person, 2nd: I think the drama of colors is ridiculous and shouldn’t matter what the hell color you wear as long as you are not disrepecting any other club, rules are made to be broken ya know. 3rd: I really think that the guys in the Laffing Devils should show a little more respect for Gypsy, after all, they wouldn’t be the Laffing Devils if it weren’t for him. It just kinda seems like there is too much drama for a club, there is enough highway for everyone. Anyway, look forward to seeing what happens on the season premier.

  102. I am not sure to believe whether or not this show is for real..A lot of it seems to be scripted. It is hard to believe that a “REAL 1 percenters” would actually allow a camera to go into their clubhouse and tape any of their personal club business. I will always have my doublts. The show could be a hoax and staged and those bikers are actors!!

  103. This show is a joke!!! NO MC would allow cameras in they’re club house at all especially during meetings!! Nor would they allow a prospect who has never showed up on a bike or even rode with them once anywhere near the club. These wannabes are a joke and the laughing stock of the MC world. California is an 81 state and everyone knows that. That’s why this bunch of idiots wear a dago patch they wouldn’t dare fly a California bottom rocker. Did anyone else notice during they’re fund raiser ride and drag race none of the real MC clubs where there? What does that tell you about the laughing devils ? If the REAL clubs had a problem with this bunch of punks they would take they’re bikes remove they’re colors and burn them in front of the laughing devils. And they would do nothing about it but p** they’re panties. Nice try chumps but nobody respects you or your colors.

  104. This show is a joke! Would love to see what would happen if a bunch of H A showed up. There is more to club than riding ” trailer queen” looking bikes and drinking beer. This show is about a bunch of tools that couldn’t or wouldn’t make the cut in a real club. You guys should quit now and save face. You are the laughing stock!

  105. This show is good for laughs. These guys are one step above a family club. Seems like no one wants to hurt the others “feelings”

  106. What’s this I hear about another club member taker their cuts and they called the cops to get them back? A Real MC would never just hand their cut over without a fight and never,never would they call the cops!This just shows how fake they are if this is true!

  107. This show is BS!!!! I’ve seen better bikers in a HOG club!The show should have at least got real bikers to act out the parts of this club! Discovery really f**** this one up!

  108. Lmao I’ve been doing a little reading because I thought something seemed fishy. Gipsy is married to San Diego Cop!!!! On the bright side he likes girls. I thought he was gay til I read he’s married.

  109. Haha this show is funny. I’m not an expert on MC’s but “Billy the kid” & his V.P “snubz” seem more like mouseketers than Bikers. When “Danny Boy” was bit**ing at Snubz I though Snubz was going to cry lol. Gypsy doesn’t sem like a tough guy either. I bet he shops at the Gap and reads GQ magazine. He’s a pretty boy not a Biker. I watched three episodes of this turd of a show and enoyd the commercials better.

  110. I started watching the devils ride because an old friend of mine is in the club Blaze they call him I call him Kieth But as the weeks went on I was really disapointed in the club they keep talking about loyalty but yet how loyal where they to Gipsy he started the club he made it what it is and as soon as he stepped down they turned on him is the new pres that insecure that he couldnt handel having the old pres around he should of been looking up to Gypsy not looking down on him What I see in that club is a bunch of disloyal men that dont know the meaning of brother hood you dont shit on the brother that made you what you are you continue treating him like a brother not an outsider so if you want this club to work its time to grow up guys and take that knife out of Gypsy’s back you all so graciously put in it

    • I agree 100%. Gypsy was totally dissed. He was thrown to the curb like a used tampon. The “new” prez is an a#$hole, and insecure. What a whiny little b*^tch!!!!

    • I totally agree Joani ! As a marine,I understand ‘Honor’,and as a combat vet,I understand ‘brotherhood & respect’. I don’t blame Gypsy for a NY second. And would be proud to ride along on any run with him,(Don’t need the club cuts,will take up the rear,where i feel most comfortable anyway) Cheers to Gypsy ! Respect !

      • you mean the guy arrested for diddling his step daughter? the guy kicked out of a fake mc cause his wife is a meter maid? that’s who you give respect to?

  111. The Devils Ride takes reality tv to an all time low in my opinion. I would love to see what happens when these guys end up hanging out with some real bikers.

  112. Last nights devils ride show was better than most of the previous ones. Watching big Hells Angel Rusty Coones play the guitar was pretty cool. They had some hot chicks both in the band, and in the audience was good. I wonder how many of the Laffing Devils brought those babes in ? Even though most of the clubs old ladies are pretty hot, these babes were all young and decked out Hollywood style. I wonder if the babes were implanted into the show by the producers ? LOL…. nothing would surprise me with this one. The Devils Ride producers are obviously playing to the American populations love of sex and violence. Watching Juice talk about how he was going to quit drinking was kindof interesting… especially when one of the last scenes was him scrounging through the empties around the bar after the party. Apparently laffing devil Juice found a bottle with some cheap wine or something cause one of the last clips was him swigging on a bottle like a wino. Also kindof cool, and funny, was seeing Sandman attack a guy in a van who pulled up before the party. Apparently he threw something that smashed the guys windshield and then went over and decked the dude in the head a few times … after taking his vest off… SO at least we are finally getting some action. Seeing more of Danny Boy was good too, since he is one of the only cool ones in the Laffing Devils… I catch the next one if there is nothing else on the toob. Peace Out All ! ~ The BIG Johnson !

  113. I looked this up just to comment on these morons.
    These guys have to be the “laffing” stock of the MC world. I havnt seen anyone act like such a bunch of teenage girls since The Hills.
    These guys must be an embarrassment to the MC community.
    I hope the film crew is rolling when a real MC finds them. It would be a joy to watch them get their asses kicked.

    • Thanks for the comments about the devils ride discovery show on this blog guys. I can’t say
      what I think about the show, cause I’m the moderator for this blog… ! : ) Let me say
      that the show speaks for itself, however. Please keep commenting on the blog here about the
      devils ride show.

  114. Gypsy starting another MC on the devils ride leaves the impression that anyone can start a biker club anytime they want. All you would need would be a few buddies with beards and earrings who ride motorcycles, and a patch for your leather vest with a provocative name. While most motorcylce clubs are not 1% clubs, and don’t consider themselves to be outside the law, clearly the Laffing Devils and Gypsy himself don’t either. The recent show that had some new guy named Tony on it and Charles, aka Tank, running from a dog with a full protection suit on, demonstrate to most people that this club is “made for tv”. Personally, I’ll keep watching “The Devils Ride” on discovery channel, if only for a good laugh or two. Party on guys, and enjoy the attention while it lasts.

  115. The Devil’s ride is the most frigging bulls*** show i’ve ever seen. Hard core bikers??? Give me a frigging break. I’m 66 years old and have known 1% bikers my entire life. Get this straight, they won’t f’in talk to you unless their a snitch or a castoff. All these reality shows border on the absurd but discovery has taken this bulls*** to a new level that insults the real hardcore biker community. A club who’s been around for five years is a joke. The hardcore clubs in this country started over forty years ago and some a lot longer than that. The fucking producer of that show thinks he’s go an in with the bikers. Give me a break man. It takes more than a fucking ear ring and long hair to gain the trust of these guys. F – him and f- his show.

    • 10-04, Brother. It was kind of a trip “Biker Reality show”. But the whole time I watch it I say to myself, “But you guys are on TV!! What scooter bum is going to “live” his life on TV!!”
      Between the squabbling and the Prez leaving his club instead of straightening the club out…I’m done w/it.

    • I dont think I ever have watched a T.V. show that has pissed me off so much! What a bunch of crap!!! You said it perfect school!!! Guess that goes to show guess I should be out riding instead of watching the boob tube. You try to bring a camera in our club house and see how things work out for ya!!! Lifers arent sell outs….Id rather beat your ass and jump on my bike and give u a big F*** YOU!!! than to be telling all my buisness to the world.

    • Yes, I believe this whole show is a fake. What legitimate MC club would have their VP show up at a motorcycle race in a Cadillac? My comments could go on and on. Suffice it to say, this thing is a complete put on.

    • Totally agree with you Stevo, Especailly that guy Sandman he is so fake. I worked a machine shop with MC guys, They certainly wouldnt tape Church, nor would the Prospect leave the bikes alone, he would be kicked out, or killed, And they sure as hell arent gonna have a meeting with a rival MC in town where witnesses can see them.

      • SERIOUSLY! how freaking clean is all that black leather on this show? Do they get new vests every episode, or do they clean them after every ride? Sorry, Hardcore bikers, have hardcore leather, worn by weather and rain, imbedded with dirt and grime, seasoned with attitude and sweat! This is a joke and a waste of time. I have been in the MC life for years, lots of good folks, lots of tight lipped folks!!

        • It’s a scripted TV show. Has to be, cause they’re the biggest bunch of pussies to ever throw a leg over American Iron. And whats up with all the full face helmets they wear? Like 1%ers wear those. LOL

          • So true! No real biker wears a full face helmet! What a bunch of fake pussies! And every one of them wears brand new leather. Come on! Are we supposed to believe this is a real club?

  116. Well the show is pretty tacky IMHO – not at all what I always thought
    a biker club to be like. The devils ride is ok to watch when there is nothing else on tv. I say bring back Spike UFC !

  117. The show is a pisser ! It’s fun to watch a bunch of roudy dudes
    saying whatever they want and doing whatever they want. They
    got b…..s !!!! And they seem to love the attention. LOL>.. why not !
    Party On Guys !!!!

  118. Hey, I just wanted to say that I think the show is kindof fake. This MC has only been around for a couple of years and all the guys seem like poster IMHO.

    • I just saw my first episode of this trash. I’m no biker but love the shows that have REAL bikers. This is pure turd juice. How can this be a MC? It’s so fake. I’m imbarrassed to have watched the one episode all the way through. What a joke! What real 1% MC would let anyone videotape the little one on one meetings…NONE. This is no real club. Its a Reality Club!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Taco you said it perfect! I just recently viewed a couple of shows. Are they running out of things on T.V.? Ive been in the MC scence since i was a kid, ive been on a motor cycle before I could ride a bike. I have never seen a more fake bunch of brothers ever. Jersey Shore on bikes….GREAT!!!! There are some true MC out there that would be a better repesentation of the lifestyle for the general public. Hopefully these sissy, drama boys dont take up to much air time! If its fame your seaking dont go on (Halloween status) as something that your not because its hip or cool, some of us have been doing this for generations, WE LIVE IT!!!!!

        • NOMADS do not have a club house what are these idiots trying too prove ?? they are a bunch want 2 b bikers one club is scared and the other glad they ant shit///////////

      • This is a TV show. It is meant for “entertainment”. Anyone who thinks they are going to watch TV to get the truth about ANYTHING should have their head checked. The notion that this is a “disgrace” or “missrepresentation” of real MC life wether it be 1% or the rest is hilarious. Don’t tell me all of you people that are dishin on this really thought you were going to see the “truth” or “real life” of an outlaw biker?! IT’S TV PEOPLE! If these guys are actually on the street posing as outlaw bikers THEN you have something to bitch about. Otherwise, change the channel and watch some other shitty show! lmao! The only place you might get partial truth on TV is the news and that crap is tainted as well. I don’t love this show, don’t hate it. Why? Because I can choose to change the channel at any time to watch some other “reality” show which is over dramatized and stretching the truth or is a total set up. Bitching about some actors trying to making a paycheck has no merit, bitching about a real poser biker club on the street, on your street, is something to bitch about. Open your fucking eyes.

      • i can’t believe how fake and staged thi
        program is! one of the worst show i’ve seen! a discovery channel disappointment for me!

    • These guys are worst that House wife of …..

      They don’t know what RESPECT is. Billy is a pansy and I give Gypsy all the credit.

      Gypsy good luck with the new club!

    • This is the most GAY show on television! HaHaHa! If the Sin Mob OR the Laughing Devils would like to look me up, I will show them who a REAL man is!! You guys are a bunch of Queers and hacks!!! No REAL MC operates the way you homos do!! I have a Teabag waiting for every one of you!! Let me know if you would like a taste???

    • The devil ride is on eo fthe most phony shows of bikers…ever.
      A bunch of phony bad asses who are as scary as a bunch of nuns.
      Good grief this show is pat hertic

    • Really …., I’m don’t ride and never have but what MC or any group for that matter would let a network film them while they conducted supposed” illegal activity “, what a joke these guys are, either this is completely fake or these guys are the biggest idiots I’ve seen in my life, here you might as well give the Feds your address and say come and arrest me .

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