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This page is dedicated to the individual members of the laffing devils mc.  It is a work in progress, so please comment if you would like to see something written about any of the members of the laffing devils mc.   Laffing Devils members Billy, Gypsy, Danny Boy, and others are listed here with some basic facts.  Please comment on this or any other page of the devils ride blog to state your opinion or to request some information that you want published.

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Billy  The  Kid -  As the new President of the Laffing Devils MC after Gipsy left the club, Billy has come under alot of criticism from both the club members and the public at large.  He is also one of the cast members of the reality tv show, The Devils Ride, who gets some of the most attention.  Having the Presidents job is probably pretty tough.  He has to make as many people satisfied, and they all seem to be competing for the attention of the cameras.  Billy has done a great job being diplomatic and keeping the infighting down to a dull roar in most cases.  He also has to contend with an ex President  of the Laffing Devils who just won’t stay away from the club or the cameras of The Devils Ride Discovery show producers.  Our hats off to Billy, Laffing Devils motorcycle club President.

Danny  Boy - Widely regarded as one of the coolest of the Laffing Devils MC, Danny Boy is also one of the older and apparently wiser ones.  His grey muzzled hair and no bs style match with his pointed and practical comments to make him one of the most respected members of the Laffing Devils.  Danny Boy has been making more frequent appearances on the show as he tries to rein in Sandman, Juice, Billy, and others.  He even went to Hawkster and had a few words about the Dago chapter they are contemplating starting.  When Danny Boy sponsored the fundraiser for the scholarship in memory of his deceased daughter, he won the hearts of most viewers.  Danny Boy can be expected to be a steady fixture on The Devils Ride Discovery Channel show.

Gipsy – Gipsy is the once President of The Laffing Devils MC.  He left the club for reasons that are still unclear but he asked Billy to take over as President.  After leaving the club, Gipsy remained as a stable on The Devils Ride Discovery show because he kept showing up.  The producers of the show must have seen some potential for drama or something that would get people to keep watching the show.  After epsode six, Gipsy decided to start his own motorcycle club and to call it the Sinister Mob MC.  Gipsy is creating considerable controversey because of the colors red and grey that he is using for his new cuts, or club patches.  The Laffing Devils have apparently decided to strip Gipsy of his Laffing Devils MC roadname and start calling him by his real name, which apparently is Tommy.  The Laffing Devils are also asking Gipsy to give back his Laffing Devils MC cuts to the club.

Hawkster – Hawkster is one of the Laffing Devils MC members who seems to have more experience with motorcycles than most of the other cast members of the reality show, The Devils Ride.  Hawkster is a little older than most of the club members on the discovery channel show, and he seems to have a pretty mild mannered, or mature temperment compared to most of the devils ride motorcycle show actors.  Hawkster owns his own motorcycle shop, and he doesn’t seem to drink very much or do drugs.  As the potential president of the Laffing Devils MC Dago chapter, Hawkster has been talking to the other cast members about how the new chapter should be set up and organized.

Sandman - Sandman is the Laffing Devil that is known for his punch.  He boxes as a hobby and has been known to like to hit people.  Although normal society doesn’t condone randomly hitting people, in  some biker clubs it is considered to be a real talent.   Sandman reportedly got his nickname, as he puts it, “for putting people to sleep”.  We presume this means that he punched them and knocked them out.   On one episode of The Devils Ride, Sandman was filmed repeatedly punching the driver of a white van that pulled up outside a Laffing Devils MC club fundraising party.  Please leave your comments about Sandman or the other cast memebers of The Devils Ride Discovery channel show here, on the devils ride blog !

Juice -  Rest in Peace Charles.  Prayers to you and your loved ones.  The Laffing Devils MC member known as Juice has passed away.  The only thing that we can say is that his smile, positive energy, and sense of humor will be greatly missed by viewers of The Devils Ride.   Prayers.


Snubz -  Snubz is the Laffing Devils MC member who became the Vice President  of the club when Gipsy left the club and Billy became the President.  Snubz has come under alot of criticizism by both fellow club members on the devils ride tv show and the public at large for some of actions and words.  When the Laffing Devils held a motorcycle drag race and included other motorcycle clubs, Snubz showed up driving a Cadallac.   Snubz then got his car on the track and used it to race a motorcycle, much to the shagrin of the other Laffing Devils.  Stay tuned to The Devils Ride Discovery show to see more of Snubz  biker and see if he continues  acting in a non-biker like fashion.

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54 thoughts on “Laffing Devils

  1. yeah i have somthing to say you guy’s need to get your shyt together i mean shyt you keep throwing your brother’s out to the dog’s what is that saying about you as a family you stick up for your family no matter what the damn problem is i have a little brother i have more reason’s in the world to give up on him but i dont i will fight for him no matter what i love him he is our’s…think about your family status and what you saying about your self’s….

  2. Absolutely fake. Motorcycle club pretending to be 1%er? Really? Sandman trying to act like a bada$$ is hilarious! Seriously, is anyone watching this really afraid of Sandman? No!! Picked the wrong actor to be the tough guy. I guess that is why they asked him to leave the show.

  3. Fake, not fake Billy has taken he’s roll much to serious in thinking that he’s a bad ass. Really how tough do you have to be to spit on the ground, or snap a cig out of your lips like it’s some bad ass thing to do.
    Really reminds me of being in 6th rade and in grade school with a couple of the boys in class with their sleves cut off their jean jackets and a skull with crossbones drawn on the back with markers all walking around like they are a bad ass biker gang.LOL The minute someone said boo, they like Billy would take off.

  4. I like how it says Sand Man became prez after Gipsy left the club. He was back stabbed by those he called brothers and thrown out of the club. Was not his decision to leave the club all together just to step down from being prez.

  5. Its an interesting show, but I hear that LDMC are a b*** clubto the gay 81′s… whats up with that? Be your own club, I cant wait to buy a Syn Mob cut, it will look great next to my SOA cut, ha ha ha

  6. Made for tv bu*#sh*t drama and if anybody watched the credits its executive producer is none other than….Eric Bischoff of WCW, WWE, TNA wrestling fame so you pretty well know that it had to be a joke..Besides during the off season some of the players have changed with no real explanation,,Where did Gipsy go, you don’t step down during the formation of a new club,,be real,, or Billy, he’s supposed to be Prez of the LD,, and fledging club or not, I’ve never heard of a club just handing out cuts like they were jellybeans,,or the prospect demanding that he be given his cut before he’ll continue to back the club,,just not the way even chump clubs are run..

    • Gipsy is gone because of his arrest for lewd sexual contact with his minor step daughter and Sandman is in jail on attempted murder charges.

      As for the rest… it’s a MC run by script with piss poor writing. Vintage Bischoff/Hervey crap. Oh, and the newbies, they are not prospects… they are castmembers. Casting call went out last fall.

      • I heard a rumor thru the grapevine that Billy the Kid called the cops on Gipsey with phoney balony charges and thats why he got picked up, and now gipsey has a hit out on Billy, so Billy is out hiding from this supposed rumor! One great cheap shot, after another!

  7. Yes! That is scary true. Your post had me laughing for 5 minutes thinking of the Hulkster patchin up brother. You can see Bischoffs creation on TNA wrestling now with their biker/ wrestling gang called Aces nad 8′s.

  8. I think all these individuals are punks, molesters an closet fags. I would like to have any of their punk ass canneverbees prospect in my club. Even that big red head who likes to hang around them wouldnt last one night.
    Live Pagan Die Pagan 1%er

  9. Sad to hear Juice passed away, didn’t know untill I read it on your site. The show on D. Channel here in Europe isn’t there yet.
    Condolences from Belgium.

  10. Not to ruin your parade folks, but Gipsy has been arrested for a lewd act with a minor. His step daughter of all people. I’m glad you all like the show, but what used to be a respectable MC is now nothing but fiction for TV. This could be the last straw for the show. It has done nothing but bring on negativity to all the local clubs in San Diego.

  11. i dont no what to think i here gypsies wife is a 50 (pig) cop
    has billy big nose left or stayed in the club if he has stayed is he still prez
    i all so heard a couple members got depatched by another club and had to ring police to get there patchs back
    has sandman left as well he seemed to be the only one that acted like a biker
    i also read that if you go past club house in program now it up for sale or lease or something like that
    is rusty a active angel or not anyway was him playing with his band at the club house payment for the repo devils did for him if so what a great way to promote your band he knows the value of a dollar
    i also here two versions of the fela they repo the bike off in vegas one version said he won discovery bike build competion the other version was he was a angel himself
    and i heard tony the hang around was a private eye or a cop and as for who leaked the info bout him getting booted wouldnt you point your finger at the patch member who broght him in and what up did anyone see his so called bike
    does anyone know if there going to be a season 2
    as for snubs being vice prez shame (bring a car to a bike race and even wear a helmet while he raced it and what up with telling every one you were a dipstick at school a mean dam snubs you still are)
    and is gypsies name really tommy and why ride round with ya cap up he must have to glue it to his head apart from that personally i think after sandman he the next best stand up man
    and whats with sprinkling juices ashs out a plastic oz dope bag and shawly they could of tiped on something better than an overgrown weed
    and billy as prez who stands in there club house with patch members even if you not a 1% club and let one man walk in and walk all over use (shame)
    if any one knows the answers to any of these questions please shout out
    even thoe i spouted all this i still enjoy watching the show i just wana no what haps in the end


  13. He owns the company. I cant stand seeing women m ake thier husbands or boyfriends choose between them and the things they like to do.Maybe they should learn how to ride!!!!!

  14. How does the company Sandman works for being in this club and being perceived as such a bad ass. (The cameras blanked out his buddy’s tee but not his). Also, it looks as if his wife is on the verge of leaving him so he had to take a leave of absence from the club for “personal reasons”. Did’nt know their “old ladies” put so much pressure on their men.

  15. Sandman,
    If your wife does not understand you,I will!!! Any women who wants her husband to give up what he loves is insecure. Im here for you!!

  16. Thanks just for this excellent write-up. One much more thing to cover is that virtually all digital camcorders arrive equipped with some form of zoom lens that allows about of in which scene to obtain included through zooming’ inside and away. All these types of changes within focusing length will be reflected from your viewfinder and also on large display right at the rear of the true camera.

    • What exactly does your comment have to do with anything? If you don’t have something to say about the Laffing Devil’s, Sin Mob or The Devil’s Ride, keep this crap to yourself ! Same goes for the rest of you! Smitty……Where Are You??

  17. How do these guys get away with all the phony biker club crap?There are Mongols and Hells Angels in San Diego that would beat their asses and take away their silly assed colors

  18. I watched a couple of episodes. Laffing Devis are a frickin joke. All they do is talk behind each others backs, act like they are soooo bad, and put themselves before their own family. What a bunch of losers, I ride, I don’t belong to a “club” don’t need one. I take care of my family, support my community, am a respected business man and volunteer for youth sports. Get a life at least a realistic one, f-ing losers.

  19. The more I watched and listened to these guys it was a sitcom any MC club that is real would’nt be on a TV show letting what goes on in there life or lifestyle out in one show the ladies are out for a night your boy is with’em a guy takes a picture and your boy tries to put a stop to it with the ladies helping him oh know Batman dont let that photo be seen people will know who we are your on TV hope to watch the reruns on comedy network after 70s show

  20. Come on guys – you can’t take this that seriously. The show was packaged by Bischoff/Hervey. If you don’t know who they are… Eric Bischoff and Jason Hervey have spent much of the past 20+ year scripting professional wrestling. Eric is largely responsible for the downfall of WCW then took the same miserable formula and players to TNA. I’m half waiting for the day we see Hulk Hogan wearing LD patches. This is pre-packaged crap. It was working at first but as with every Bischoff product, they got a little heavy handed with the schlock and forced conflict rather than allowing it to happen in a more organic way. But then lets be realistic, a normal well functioning MC has no interest in become reality TV fodder.

  21. Disrespecting and taking Gypsies colors (the founding father) shows how
    weak with no real substance this club is. No loyalty or real brotherhood, just a bunch of 99% wannabe’s.

  22. First and foremost, RIP Juice obviously. Seemed like a good guy with a lot of problems. But all this talk above about Gipsy “trying” to hang around the cameras is ridiculous. He is the founding father of the club. He has been shown ZERO respect. He should be looked at as a God to them, and they treated him like dog shit. And Discovery follows him around, because obviously there is the controversy with Billy the Kid and because Gipsy has a great personality and presence. The club should have backed him 100%, and they did they ruined everything. How dare ask the founding father for his patches back! It wouldn’t exist without him! And then you can argue- well he’s starting another club. But he was driven to it! How could he not? Only reason he stepped down was because the new members had no values, not because he was done altogether. He wanted to be a part of the Devils after he stepped down, but Billy was so insecure he turned the club against Gipsy. You can even tell by the Vegas repo mission. Billy was a lost cock smuggler, and Gipsy got it done, and didn’t even return with them to Rusty to score points. He did the work, and gave Billy the room to shine. The man is the best guy on the show. Not someone trying to hang round the cameras. You can’t even try and dispute this. I just hope the show comes back for more seasons. And longer seasons. I hope Billy the Bitch gets his butthole tampered with. He seems like he could be playing for both teams, if you know what I mean… He’s a goofing looking bastard.


    • Agree with you C-Dog. I thought it was crappy of Billy and the others to take credit for getting that bike back….had it not been for Gypsy’s ability to talk to the guy and make sure he understood the bike was going to be taken, one of two things would have happened……Billy would have returned to Rusty empty-handed and got all their asses kicked, or there would have been in a big brawl in the casino parking lot and the cops would have come down on them, which of course would have resulted in them getting their asses kicked as well. Hell, they would have never Found the bike if it hadn’t been for Gypsy!
      I read though, that Billy quit the club…..anyone out there know anything about it?

  23. would love to know the song played while Juice’s ashes were spread… beautiful song… would love to have it playing when I spread my husbands ashes….

  24. Juice~
    I am young like you and had similar problems with my heart. No heart attack but pacemaker at 32. I am also a medical teacher. I think we should talk for a few min. I may. E able to help? I have been there. It’s frustrating, and the fatigue is rediculous. Let’s talk.

    • Breanna, Juice passed away…. you should
      watch the most recent episode when they reair it. It’s sad cause he was probably the best part of the show so far… a fun guy and full of smiles.
      ~ Smitty the moderator

  25. Big fan of your mc club and your reality show. Please give my condolences to all the brothers and the family of JUICE! Even though I didn’t know him personally he will be greatly missed, your fan Tom.

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