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February 18, 2013

The Start of Season II

Fights, Arrests, Sin Mob, Criticism,

and Biker Politics **  THE FUN CONTINUES !!!


58 thoughts on “SEASON II

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  2. F**k these dumb pricks,jus a bunch of frontin punks tryna act like somebody they ain’t. Outta da 2 clubs I think Sin Mob got the toughest guys,as for LD’s f**k em all. If i came across dem punks Danny girl & white girl I’d f**k em up right on the spot,as for dat worm Snubbs if i see him around and my 15 yo. son is wit me I’d make my son break his jaw and piss on dat prick in da streets .F**k all dem LD’s,fake punks f**k em all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. snubz works for target thats funny cause there is no way in hell if he is a real biker and the stuff he is involved and being shown on tv target would fire his ass for being involved illegal activity

  4. Allegedly Gypsy is (was) a bounty hunter/bail bondsman; Hawkster owns an insurance repair shop; Danny Boy is a retired Marine; and Snubz works as a night manager at the Target in Mission Valley. In fact, during episode 2 or 3 –I forget which, he meets with Danny Boy at the strip mall across the street.

  5. The show is almost entirely scripted in season 2. Bischoff and company have abandoned any attempt at documentary television show making and have gone back to what they do best; making over-the-top entertainment. That’s cool. It’s just television. Were the Laffing Devils real? Yes, I lived in both North Park and east county San Diego and I had seen them around for years at motorcycle events with other clubs before the first season ever aired. I also lived a few blocks from the Alibi bar and they were regulars there, too. Did they air club business? No, not unless you think sitting around complaining, riding motorcycles or going out to eat lunch is “business”. The truth is, anyone can find more info on club life by surfing the web. Sin Mob (on the other hand) is probably not a real club. But who knows what deals are being made off camera. My opinion: It’s harmless entertainment. I watch it for the motorcycles and the occasional chick. The bad acting is a bonus.

  6. You know that I have been watching the show from day one. Now that “Ray” had pointed it out about draging a Gold Wing instead of a Harley, and now Snubs Magically gets in to Sin Mob, I am More and, More and More believing the show is Fake and is scripted. I have never been in a MC club, but I’d think, (with all the camra angles and cam shots) that this is scripted. I did in the begining belive that this was a real operating MC. Now with all your posts, (this blog and others) I now believe that it is all bull SH*!. I have a great idea for Mr Bishoff, dont script the show. Show the out come of Gypsy’s charges, ( Innocent until proven Guilty!!). Also Mr. Bishoff, tell us where Bill’s really at!! Prove me wrong and tell us so we can ask him!!

  7. Sin Mob and Laffing Devils have the respect of the local 1% club. These MCs know what they are doing. You see it during church and rumbles. They both know protocol. They are rockin 3 piece patches — you can’t fake that! They have prospects, hang arounds, patched members and they respect their cuts. They got patched members like Tank that have old ladys and old timers like Hawkster and Danny Boy. Diesel and Rockem know protocol and don’t take anything from anybody. Can’t fake that!

    • or most likely they forgot to go back and look at last season and forgot they made him the vp and are now like oh shit to late lets just go with it. if you go to its funny how they have all there bios on it

      • lol @not from around here. Yes but I did not catch the the rice burner being drug gotta go back and watch that part the whole Snubtz thing is just such a joke, And Sandman just needs his butt beat

  8. What do you expect from a show that is Produced by Eric Bischoff of NWA and WWE pro wrestling? Can’t believe this show and these club members look awfully familar like I have seen them in other movies before.

  9. I watched again the 1st show of the new season. According to that, Gypsy was put out of Sinister Mob for conduct that club considered to be not acceptable and that was all they said. Billy is just missing

  10. I’m confused. The LD talk about their missing Pres Billy. Then Gipsy and BB began to put together SinMob but now I dont see Gipsy. Are they BOTH missing? WTF? Please someone fill me in on what the hell I missed here??

  11. sandman the stabber, stabbed a guy for stabbing his ex ole lady with his pecker and gypsy the bj kid getting blow jobs from his daughter in law no less. These guys are clowns and wouldn’t last long at a real bike rally. They’d be sucking their thumbs with their pants down to their ankles.

  12. This is not real there is not real biker on this first show! There were a couples of guests that were real, but this so-called Mc, is scripted, it’s a TV show not a Mc, and anybody who believe its real need to read on a good biker web site about what a Mc is. No Mc would let a bunch of cameras film them taking care of business. By the way I have been riding over 33 years.

    • AMEN! I saw a couple Real Biker Guests in the first season. Its the only reason to watch… entertainment. Maybe its trying to show the MC world in a better light than SOA… not selling drugs or running guns. I guess the market for man based soap operas needed to be filled.

  13. What a joke… As an age old veteran biker I know this show is a total fake. It’s sideshow stuff. They throw around the words “respect” and “disrespect” a lot. What about “self-respect”?? No self-respecting club airs its club business on national television. This is pure entertainment, but making a mockery of true MC clubs. These “bikers” (if they are for real) should never sell out for this bull****. And they spend all the first season grooming Gipsy to head the Sin Mob and he doesn’t even return for the 2nd season, and all of a sudden Billy The Kid is no longer prez of the LD’s?? Come on, don’t buy this tripe! If that had been a real rumble in the alley, there would have been real bloodshed and maybe even death, and the cops show up in “the nick of time”?? Be for real! This is just make believe crap to sell commercials. The real money maker would be for a real 1% club to come along and wipe the streets with the whole lot of them!

    • Bigun; you hit the nail right on the head! This show is total poser BS! The only thing this show is good for is laughs. I would pay good money to see a real MC ride in and make both clubs $hit themselves.

    • Looks like the 1%s have taken notice. I’m not sure who would mess with patched members like Diesel, Rockem, Sandman and Tank.. Don’t get much tougher than that. These guys know protocol. You can see the respect and brotherhood at their Church and Rumbles. Look at how they deal with their prospects and hang arounds. Old Ladys get protection. They rock a 3 piece patch and they all respect their cuts!

  14. This show is a fucked joke I laughed my ass off *** I’ve been in a Rc and Sc and know about the Mc life and there breaking so many rules and its all an act …if you watch sons of anarchy you ll see that there trien toTake stuff from that show what a joke and a slap in the face to anyone who rides a bike

    • that was so easy to spot, and I like how there were 4 bikes and 4 guys and all of a sudden there was a goldwing in the middle, their insulting the viewers, I’d like to give a smakedown to queer boy bishoff for scripting such bullshit

    • Ray, I ;owe you an Apology!! I went back and re-watched it. You were right. When they are rolling it out it is a gold wing nose. when they are chaining it up, you can see the left side of the gold wing engine when they are chaining the case saver. In the final shot, it didnt look like a gold wing.

  15. Ok this show is produced by Eric Bischoff, isnt he the goof from wrestling?
    That kinda leads me to believe its just another mediocre scripted man-opera.
    Aside from that no respectable Mc would ever let tv cameras in there door for reality show.
    I think we’ve gotten to the age of the unreality shows.

  16. WTF these guys are a bunch of posers, who scripted this s#%*, Madonna. Where’s Billy? Where’s Gipsy? Where’s all the other fake bikers that were on the show last year? This show is why I laugh at jack asses who ride bikes on the weekends and call themselves bikers.

    • I thought it was scripted last season.. now I don’t think so. After Sandman getting arrested and Gypsy disappearing, the game has changed.

      • there is no way this scripted. I have been a part of MC world my whole life.. This is the real deal. Both Clubs are gonna have a hard time getting help from other people. See when politics and war errupts between clubs and those rival Clubs become the Cops main focus we are told to stay clear ! Not our business its there Club business

          • I do agree that we don’t let them in, but things happen. Don’t think they ever thought Gypsy would step down as president of the LD, and the War started when he left the Devils. Cameras were there caught it all, and we know this was there paycheck, none of them have jobs.

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