Sinister Mob

Sinister Mob MC is the new club that the ex President of the Laffing Devils, Gipsy, is starting with several of his friends.  While as of the end of season one, the Sinister Mob, or Sin Mob as Gipsy calls it, is still a very new development on the show, there appears to be alot of anger towards the new club already.  In the biker world, it’s not considered to be very cool to quit one club, just to start another, especially if you happen to be a current member of the Laffing Devils MC.   Many laffing devils have already been commenting about their anger that Gipsy is using the same colors for his cuts on Sin Mob as they have for the Laffing Devils MC.   So, the drama during the last few episodes of The Devils Ride has been building to a head.  In the preview trailers before the last episode of the first season, the discovery channel is showing Gipsy hitting a plastic cooler with a baseball bat.  Not too many people seem intimidated by that, but Billy, the acting President of the Laffing Devils is not taking it lightly.  Billy the Kid even got in Gipsy’s face in the trailer.  Only time will tell what happens between the Sin Mob, or Sinister Mob MC and the Laffing Devils MC.  The Discovery Channel is sure to let all of the drama unfold on future episodes of The Devils Ride. 

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97 thoughts on “Sinister Mob

  1. I have watched a couple episodes and its just comical. Everyone on this show is a poser. Trying to act bad ass in front of the camera. They probably work at Walmart when there not filming. So scripted and fake I am embarrassed for them.

  2. WOW, all this talk of respect and brotherhood for a show scripted in the back alley of some low rent district flop house. What a pile of heaping steamy dung. Discovery ought to be sued for this show and that other idiot they follow, Todd Hoffman on Gold Rush.

  3. I enjoy watching Sin Mob bitch whip the prospect turned patch. That dude is a true follower/ non leader. It was too funny watching him strong arm the little snitch. I was waiting for the little mexican fella to open up a can of whoop ass on him. lol..

  4. What real club in the world would allow outsiders, let alone a TV camera in their meetings?
    Who would let a camera crew film a beat down, and taking another clubs prospects patch.
    When Gypsy walked into the LD club house to turn in his patch, noticed they closed the overhead doors, then next scene the camera was inside, what did they do, yell cut, wait for the camera crew?????
    Get real.

  5. Ok do you always believe everything you see on t.v. and read in paper? Quinn aka Gypsy is innocent until proven guilty. Otherwords, was just more b.s. from this laughing joke of a MC made for t.v. that made a call accusing him of lewd act (17yr old at the time). Because of the age, CPS has to go in and arrest first and ask questions later. Also, no mention of him on this joke of show this year and alot of the other guys are gone now and no mention of their names either (show would get sued). If it were true than there be no issues with this information being put on t.v.. Since its b.s. if a word is said or names (including the other guys that left the club from last year) dropped, they get sued for slander and lies, etc. THINK ABOUT IT. Anyway I cant watch anymore than 2 episodes, cant stop laughing.

  6. I watch the show but its not like either club matters in Cali. They would both have to get permission to sport the red. If they didnt they wouldnt be around!

  7. The accusations against Gypsy weren’t even in the news in June or July of 2012 when I posted my comments above…look at the Dates of the posts before You start making smarta$$ comments.

  8. This preschool nightmare of a show is over. Now gypsy was caught riding his step daughter instead of his motorcycle. I knew that guy seemed flacky. He’ll enjoy plenty of brotherhood at the gray bar motel.

  9. Made for tv bu*#sh*t drama and if anybody watched the credits its executive producer is none other than….Eric Bischoff of WCW, WWE, TNA wrestling fame so you pretty well know that it had to be a joke..Besides during the off season some of the players have changed with no real explanation,,Where did Gipsy go, you don’t step down during the formation of a new club,,be real,, or Billy, he’s supposed to be Prez of the LD,, and fledging club or not, I’ve never heard of a club just handing out cuts like they were jellybeans,,or the prospect demanding that he be given his cut before he’ll continue to back the club,,just not the way even chump clubs are run..

  10. The show has gone to hell quick.. The Devils are lost and chasing after a bunch of idiots. A wise man would never let you see him coming, or know what he is thinking.. The Devils are chasing after these guys as if they have importance to the MC world. Now it’s school yard pranks and threats. I was not impressed with last nights show. Looked like a bunch of missguided children seeking attention. It was a little shameful to the MC community.

  11. gypsy is the laughing devils he created the mc he left club willingly and for that d*** billy to become billy big bollocks and to go to gypsys house and demand devils paperwork is a joke at least gypsie had the b**** to go to devils hq and comfront the pricks that have stole his group cmon sin mob sort that fukker billy big alls out

  12. Billy’s just a wannabe if he’s a prez he should sort it out one on one with gypsy only a real man comes 2 a fight on their own with only their fists

  13. what i got was…. Gypsy stepped down because he felt he was losing some control and wanted the younger vp to take his position as pres. because he thought Billy was ready. i said stepped down, not retire. i never heard gypsy say he wanted to retire. Billy, not knowing how to be a president and hold his own, disrespectfully asked gypsy to retire and turn in his cut…. because he felt people werent taking him serious? WTF?! gypsy should of right than and there spoke up and made Billy be a man and take his respect from the ones talking shit. i say disrespectfully cause there is no respectful way to ask a founding father to hand over his cut for no reason, without a vote! Gypsy is pissed and i would be too, billy is a coward for many reason shown in the show. Sin Mob all the way or LD needs to check Billy and get things back to the way they were. with gypsy in charge.

  14. i think that once you step to a club the way gypsy did ex or not he is an act of war and if he walked on the first set then who thinks he,ll lead the new mc in to a fight that brings down the ones that follow, but still he,s got the balls then support him…true genrals make history worth knowing

  15. from the very beginning Billy was intimidated by Gipsy and always felt incompetent as the new leader he had his chance to fill the shoes of a man who obviously started this club and kept it running in a respectful manner Billy is a punk or he would of went by himself to speak to Gipsy not to his residence where his family resides and with how many guys? Gipsy kept it real and went alone youve got to understand that when he retired he did it because the new younger members were taking the club in a direction that Gipsy never intended it to go. So by all means YES hes out of Laffing Devils doesnt mean he cant start a new club.

  16. Sorry Hurk, not wrong….There Was something wrong with the club as far as Gypsy was concerned….he stated several times before he stepped down as Prez that he didn’t like the direction the club was going…lots of crazy sh!t goin on with the newer members and a loss of the bond the club members had originally and what the club stood for….regardless, he felt it was time to move on. I hope Billy takes you up on your offer to give him a fix, ha ha!!

  17. We should all just take it for what it is, made for TV drama, hard to believe anyone would think this is real.
    It is hilarious to see grown men strut around like peacocks looking pretty and talking big.
    Snubz has no balls and needs to step up and stop being a yes man, Sandman let the LD ECC down on their 1st ride. Hawkster seems like a decent guy but has a hard time managing his club and standing up to Billy.
    Billy seems to only be concerned about making himself look good.

    I’d have to say I would rather ride with Gipsy, seems to back up what he says.

    It is good to see them doing charity events for worthy causes.

  18. As a free rider on the east coast l have to say the devil’s mc club needs a patch over now. Gypsy I’m with you,I will ride with you anytime brother.

  19. WAY TO GO gipsy if you want or need anything just let me a honorable discharged vet i know what a brotherhood is all about not the s*** the new prez of LD is doing.IF your ever in volunteer state look me up

  20. Billy the kid acted just like a kid.. he was insecure and couldnt handle having Gipsy around just made him feel inferior and he couldnt hang..
    If what i read here that Billy is no longer P thats a step in the right direction.. people here are bitching that Gipsy didnt follow the rules..since when does a club ask a retiered member for their colors? Not any self respecting club I know.. and I dont buy the whole story of it being a club choice to ask for his patches it was Billy the punk who wanted them cause he is a staight up little b***.. Semper Fi Gipsy

  21. I think the laughing devils are nothing without gypsy the way they treated gypsy the way the club acted they all deserve not to have the patches on thier back. billy the kid is a terrible leader I can’t do nothing without gypsy I hope gypsies new club will be a great success and the laughing devils loser brother would like to be treated gypsies brotherhood

  22. Respect is a two way street; and in the world of motorcycle clubs, there are rules to follow. As DannyBoy said in one episode, “There are rules. You follow the f**king rules.” Gipsy has not followed the rules and/or altered them to fit his own agenda. He is also NOT the only Founding Father, as portrayed in this show. There were 5 guys; 3 of whom were still active. The show is edited and spun to evoke a certain response from viewers, as it has successfully done. Billy is not a villain; he’s doing his job as Prez. Gipsy was supposed to be a retired member of LDMC. But it has been set up for conflict from the very beginning. I appreciate what the LDMC set out to do – show how a MC works. They never portrayed themselves as an outlaw club; but that’s how the show got spun by discovery. My hat’s off to them for trying this.

      • Joelohio..get a grip on life dude.. respect is a two way street and from this military mind.. Billy crossed the line..Gipsy should have never picked such a piece of work for a succesor.. but it happened. Billy did nothing but show his weekness and insecurity from day one

    • I completely agree!
      Respect is a two way street and I wonder why Gypsy went off and made a similar club in, well, a way that would offend his now past MC.
      But no one can tell anyone what to do unless their a prospect.

      I just don’t understand why didn’t they put bitter feelings aside to help Gypsy and Sin Mob? Why not create a brotherhood between the two MCs because in the show? Gypsy does show he has a civil relationship with other clubs not mentioned. I believe it might solve some existing problems if they created a functional relationship inbetween LD & SM because the Young Bloods in LD could learn more conduct rules by teaching the new members of SM and help Gypsy.
      In a Brotherhood it’s all about respect and love for each other.

      Also my personal opinion is Snubz is f****** adorable.

      • Melissa, I don”t agree with part of what you said, the young bloods, are the reason that gypsy decided to step down in the first place, It was there wild trouble causing ways that made Gypsy decide to step down The laffing Devils are heading for 1% er status, and that was not what Gypsy’s plans for the club was. The disrespect showed to Gyspy was inexcuseable, I hope billie the b***h gets everything he deserves,The collasp of the “laffing devils”, And that Gypsy and “Sin Mob” Begins tho grow strong !!

  23. I give Gipsy much credit, and totally understand his position and how he feels about the crap and the lack of respect that was shown by his so called “brothers”. I still dont understand where all the angry really came from? The only one who was whining and stressing about hows he’ll never measure up. And what I saw and gathered from your actions was nothing but true character and support for your brothers. I would be proud to know you and call you my brother. So, good luck with Sin Mob and I wish you all the best.

  24. If gypsy joins the Dog for an episode on the Bounty Hunter. I hope they call it… ready for this.. Hairspray,Heels,and Harleys .. LOL!

  25. Only fools would beat a man on camera. Go figure? Seems their was a segment of verbal exchange cut out from what they showed the viewers. Hard to tell folks what direction things should go when your no longer in charge. Should have never stepped down as the P.

    It seems Billy is the right man for the job. His vision on the tube is to grow the members. Get on with business of the club fellas. Stop letting Gyp side track the goal. I think Dog the bounty hunter may have a spot for him with their crew! lol..

    • Billy wants to “grow the members” alright…and he doesn’t give a crap if they even ride or if they’re “undercovers” or whatever! That’s foolish! The only reason he wants to expand the numbers at any cost is to try to make himself look like a better leader than Gypsy was…. that’ll only happen in Billy’s flippin dreams!!

          • billy step down cuz he is alil b*** . hawk is gunna be a good prez

        • Hey Stu, Did you miss the episodes where Hawk was given the Presidency of the New Chapter? I hope he does a better job than Billie. and in case you missed it billie aka b****h, went to two the other founding fathers and did not ask them, but rather told them he wanted to pull Gpsy’s colors. billie is just a power hungry a**h**e. I
          agree with Gspy’s decision to start Sin Mob, and would ride with Sin Mob and support him one-hunderd and ten percent. I believe that he has been disrespected, and I know for a fact that billie showed what a pussy he is by taking back up with him when goiing to Gspy’s house. You just don’t bring that where his family is in the first place!! One last thing, billie shuld not be thinkiging of starting another chapter, when his chapter is somewhat divided, If hawk takes over as pres of the main chapter it is because of billies inability to tighten up the chapter.

        • billy is the p of the mother chapter..hawk is the p of the e.c.c east coast chapter w/tank ,sandman,(who has stepped away from the sarge @ arms for personal reasons) an a couple others.

  26. The “Devils” decided as a club about gypsy flying the colors and underminding the new P’s leadership. Not Billy by himself. They all agreed if he was retired so were the patches. They have by laws in the club to stick with. Gypsy wrote the terms. He has bucked the system to please himself over the club. He quoted no man is larger than the club. I guess except for him. Keep in mind they asked for the patches back after he decided to form another club, gathered prospects and had Sin Mob panels already made. Billy met with him to ask for the stuff back and he made a joke of it. All after the facts.That’s when I lost respect for his character. My 2 cents.

  27. The show isn’t bad but I think what the devils did by forcing out the founding father simply because he stepped down as president of the club is wrong.all they talk about it brotherhood.where is the brotherhood in what they did?I think if gypsi wants to start a new club then he should have that right.his hand was forced.and as far as some of the guys in the club like snubz is a pussy.I wouldn’t ride with a pussy like him or billy.

  28. Woops, put my Juice comment on the wrong page, I guess…But about Sin Mob, it’s gonna be interesting to see where the tempest of controversy takes the burgeoning war between the two MCs! Eager for more! Makes sense that Gipsy is a former Marine–the man does NOT flinch or blink an eye when anyone’s in his face. Semper Fi!

  29. A shame about Juice…It would’ve been nice to see a little more of him, kinda get to know him better. We barely had a chance to see his personality. RIP, Juice.

  30. I hope SIN MOB gets some members. I like some of the Devil’s members, but their leadership sucks a fat one! I wish Charles was in SIN MOB.

    • I disagree. Billy has followed protocol in regards to the rules of the club. In life some folks can’t handle that. The same folks make it up as they go. The same can’t conform and wonder why they never fit. Simple deal really. I’m sure billy will lose no sleep over enforcing the club procedures. If gypsie disrespected another outlaw club like this, it usually would mean a dirt bath. Billy seems to respect the club, his community and the police. The guy is thinking on a higher playing field. It’s now a jealousy issue with gypsie. He’s a little salty he stepped away and the brotherhood moved forward. Just my 2 cents…

  31. Gipsy makes no sense. The guy lays the ground rules for the MC to stand by then bends the rules to fit his needs. If the shoe was on the other foot he would be handling the situation just as the Devils have. The guy steps down then takes on the task of starting another club. What did the viewers miss? Same colors in the same town.. Total disrespect! Gipsy is tarnishing his rep in the biker community.Wish I lived there. I would glady prospect for the Devils. They seem like a kick azz group of brothers with honor and dignity.
    A quality that is earned not given. I’m looking forward to more shows. The Midwest needs a Devils chapter.. let me know! lol..

    • What’s your level of education? Have you no family or real friends sweetie? Founding father deserves respect. He RESPECTFULLY retired. Not a single man I know wants to be TOLD what to do. I see unraveling in the future.

      • The school of hard knocks. Speaking of education, do you understand the definition of retired? This means out of the game/job or done. Starting a new club is not retired period. Sorry I didn’t use spell check. How’s the sex life? Someone must be needing a little more in life to be so anal. lol.. Thought this was about the show. Had no idea it was a spelling or grammer test. Have a handful of real friends. That’s all I need. Your FB buddy list doesn’t count sweetie.

    • Gypsy had no choice but to step down and leave the MC on his own terms rather than have billy oust him. Billy showed more disrespect by doing that to a founding member. I can understand how Gypsy felt betrayed as he only looked for the best interests in the MC. Billy could’ve handled it much differently by talking with Gypsy about his concerns. Complete power hungry and felt the need to express his authority rather than feel like he was stuck in the shadow of gypsy’s presence. Gypsy was pretty much forced into retirement, so I don’t blame him for starting a new MC that would suit his beliefs and philosophy. As for him being salty with the issue at hand, I would feel the same way if I were a founding father who pretty much got dropped by my own club. In the MC world respect is earned and how the laffing devils conduct themselves, they deserve no respect.

      • About time someone see’s how Billy didn’t follow protocal. Billy handeled it wrong. Gypsy would still be part of the group, if he was not kicked out for no reason. See what happens next episode.

        • I love how Billy brought 5 or 6 guys to Gypsy’s house but thinks it’s disrespect when Gypsy came to the clubhouse to turn in his colors. What hypocrisy, Billy drew first blood. Gypsy should have gone to Billy’s house, to make it even. And when Gypsy approached Diamond, I think, and Danny. They sure had plenty to say about Gyp’s disrespect in starting a new club and the colors he used, but didn’t have anything to say about Billy giving him the ultimatum which eventually led to him not wearing his colors anymore. Hypocrites. They’re just looking at anyway to piss on this guy that they can. I’m glad he started a new crew.

        • I believe that the lack of respect that not only Billy showed Gypsy but all the laughing devils members even the other founding members was a total slap in the face. So therefore the disrespect Gypsy is showing the laughing devis is a direct result as to how he feels slighted. The biking community if fickle at the best of times, but when you patch someone, sometimes people take on a different persona, a persona that does not suit them. I think Gypsy could see the writing on the wall and thats why he decided to step down. And starting a new mc is the only way he can control whom comes and goes. Good for Gypsy, his ethics and beliefs are ones I would be proud to be a part of and follow. Him being from the military he understands what honor and trust are.

          • gypsy did what he wanted to do .. he wanted to have another MC … whats wrong with that … ?? if i just read right he actually owns the copyright for the devils patches .. cause his son drew them .. if he wants to be a prick he can take it to court and say .. ok take those patches off there mine .. i own the copyright… i just read it .. he owns the logo for the devils..

    • Joelohio, I dont mean to be disrespectful towards you. I served 20+ years in the Military. I do not believe that you my not have served. What Gipsy was trying to do with the LD was to have a bunch of guys whom wanted to hang out and be respectful within the community and ride to gether as a brother hood with out rasing hell. In the show, he Gypay Started the LD. He was the founding father of the club. He steped down because the members were getting out of hand in public. He did try in to control the members of the LD and it was starting to spyral out of control. So he decided to step down as Pres. Billy asked Gypsy for his patches saying that it was the consensis ( and it wasnt even he case Billy lied!!) . Gypsy returned his patches before it went to a vote and said he was returning them UNDER HIS CONDITIONS. Gypsy then even went to Danny Boys Run for his daughter. Showed up for Car Washes, supported the LD and Billy was trying to kill the Legacy of Gypsy. I see that Billy has failed in his leadership as Pres. It does seem to me that he doesnt have control of the LD. To be fair, I will give Billy some credit for being Prez. He is trying to keep it together but I do feel that the LD will fall due to weak leadership next season . As for Sinister Mob. Why cant Gypsy start another club. His departure was on HIS TERMS. Gypsy orginally checked with the MC community for the colors when starting the LD. I am glad that Gypsy did start another MC and used the colors that HE not Billy had recieved approval from the MC community. If hope Gypsy reads this. Right on Man!! I ride with you any time any where brother.

    • Gipsy left because they were heading in a direction he didn’t want the club on. It wan’t his club any more. If you can’t change it or handle the change then you step down and they voted him out. So he started another club to be what the Devils was supposed to be. The Devils struck first by dragging a bike.

  32. If I’m recalling correctly…there were several instances during the show when they followed a set protocol with other clubs by asking for their okay to do various things…one being after Hawkster told them they could no longer use his shop as their clubhouse, they had to make sure it was okay for them to relocate to the new building. Also when Gypsy decided to form a new club he met with a friend and asked if there would be any problems with other clubs about his decision. Everyone seems to think this is unusual or wimpy or whatever to have to ask another club for “permission”, if you will, to fly certain patches or locate in certain areas, etc, but it really isn’t. A lot of clubs are not out to create problems for themselves by stepping over the line with the bigger, more established clubs…one of the reasons some fly “Nomad” patches. They’re not out to take over anyone else’s territory, they just want their own patches to distinguish themselves from everybody else.

  33. You are wrong Janice. There was nothing wrong with the club or Gypsy when he stepped down. Pay attention. Gypsy stepped down for personal reasons. That’s when the club went to shit. Give me one night with that sissy-boy Billy. I’LL FIX HIM.

  34. He stepped down long before he was harrassed and sent to jail by an anonymous phone call. (Another childish and cruel doing by few of these ridiculous members) Why they cant talk about it or say some of the guys names on here. They get sued cause he was innocent!!!! Thank god he was bail bondsmen and has friends in great places to help find out who, what when wheres and whys……not to mention all this stuff that was left on the editing floor.

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